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The Orient Express (OE) is published three times a year and sent to over 20,000 dog fanciers, including all AKC judges. With our growing community of readers around the world, the OE has more readers than ever before, which is great for the Pekingese community, and the noble breed we’re devoted to protecting.  

Founded in 1983 by longtime Pekingese enthusiasts Joe McGinnis and Duane Doll,  the OE has been called "The Voice of the Breed”, and has a larger readership than any Pekingese magazine in history. THE ORIENT EXPRESS was founded "for the advancement, protection and celebration" of the Pekingese breed, and it’s entire team of writers, designers and photographers making each issue possible are committed to preserving that legacy.   

With knowledgeable experts sharing their experience, witty columnists imparting the joys of living with a Peke, a close eye on legislation and veterinary research, undeniably beautiful ad design and super editorial content, the OE is one of a kind, just like the “tiny lion” breed it celebrates. 



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